Written, Produced and Directed

by Annie Harmeston

Quick Fix, a short but oh-so-sweet story, of a user’s journey to ultimate self-optimization. Set in a glossy, contrived and overwhelmingly pink self-care sanctuary, the user is welcomed to reach their full glowing potential at the click of a button. 

Both retro and modern, this hyper-stylized, playful short, illuminates the cross-over of consumerism, social media and feminine beauty ideals. With vibrant colours and an abundance of questionable products, director Annie Harmeston satirically questions the notion of self-care online.



Tea Tox-ic

Toxic Tea Supplement


Self-Care Sauce

Smothering Super-sauce 

beauty booze 11.jpg

Beauty Booze

Bad Vibe Blocking Beverage


“Women being able to accept themselves for who they are is just so radical, when the entire economic system and social structures thrive on the currency of us thinking we need to be fixed” 

                                                                   - Kendra Austin

Self-acceptance is radical



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