The Natural Fix

Healing Drops 

Conscious Crystals

-  Manifest money from the universe to buy more of our products

-  Alleviate pain and suffering

- Designed to reduce the radical effects of sun, stress, men and harmful advertising


*Disclaimer* May cause you to choke on the BS.

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Inner Beautea 

Beauty from the Inside

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Just as it's very important to look good on the outside, it's equally important to  target the ugly within. Inner Beautea combines 6 organic superfoods to aid the development of a personality. 

-  Designed to be mixed with water, and soil.


*Disclaimer* May cause you to choke on the BS.

Feel at one with the unvierse, with this adaptogenic, botanical blend of baloney.

- formulated by holistic monks

- Reduces the effects of misogyny, by fully numbing the body and mind. 

Disclaimer - effects last for 10 minutes. Once they wear off, simply buy more. 

Botanical Tonic


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Spirits are often neglected. Partly because we can't see them/ post them on Instagram. To help remedy that, Spirit dust helps to to slow down  the brain and dim your spirit.


How do we do it? 

- One single natural ingredient - CBD Dust.

- Spirit dimming is aided by the price of the product.

Spirit Dust

For Dusty Spirits

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Energising Oil will take you on a sensual journey with transformative healing, a self-care ritual for holistic rejuvenation and wholesome disappointment.

When stress-levels are high, take one drop and let the natural adaptogenic goodness slice through tension and promote peace of mind.


*Disclaimer* - don't turn on the news.

Energising Oil  

Holistic Oil

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This self-care saviour is a blissful adaptogenic blend of Reishi Ashwagandha, Astrogalus, Mimosa Bark and Mayonnaise, which does exactly the same thing your body does naturally- removes toxins.  

Self Care Sauce helps to: 

- Support purification

- Alleviate pain and suffering 

- Spport detoxification

- Provide Instagram content

Self-Care Sauce 

The Self-Care Saviour

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Tried and Tested